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"I vow to live up to the core values of city council if granted the privilege to serve as your representative." - Roger Gomez

• I will always respect our flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the opening prayer during all city council meetings!  The disgraceful display and disrespect put forth by our current District 4 representative must stop! 

• I will work to restore law and order in District 4 and the rest of Pueblo by hiring more police and by promoting community policing.  Our officers need to be more visible and close by in our neighborhoods and business districts. 

​​•  I will work to bring new small businesses, shops and new investment to breathe economic life back into the heart of historic Bessemer!

• I will Work to resolve drainage problems that have caused street flooding to occur in our District 4 neighborhoods.


© 2023 - Paid for by Committee to Elect Roger Gomez 

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